Here visitors can enjoy the fun of traveling the countryside

Mission Park Lake Scenic Area is located in Jinghai County. Lake water storage capacity 180 million cubic meters, covers an area of?? 57. 2 square kilometers, an area of?? 51. 3 square kilometers water, built in 1978, a wedding dress cheap large plain reservoir. Here the water is vast, vastness, reeds, fish variety, elegant environment. Habitat of rare birds and migratory birds in a mandarin duck, since the Orioles, Hongjuan, 60 kinds of warblers, christian louboutin cheap Tianjin Bird Nature Reserve. Here geothermal reserves of 84 billion cubic meters, Jude Biao 900 m, water temperature 82 ℃, with 24 kinds of trace elements beneficial to humans, has a high value of health care. Yangliuqing Museum is located at West Green Street, christian louboutin shoes west of the Ming and Qing Yangliuqing, originally Angle shrine, founded in 1720. After extensive restoration, September 28, 2003, Yangliuqing Museum was established and officially opened. Yangliuqing museum showcases the history, representative of the period, production processes, etc., and hand-painted live performances. Yangliuqing Korea for its fine carving, christian louboutin drawing fine, Gorgeous colors, vivid, and so won the auspicious Chinese and foreign guests alike. Yangliuqing Wenchang Pavilion is located red bottoms south of the West Green area Yangliuqing canal. Four years before the Ming Dynasty (1576), is Building-high 20 meters, divided into three layers are dedicated to Confucius, Wenchang, Kuixing, is a cabinet top hexagonal pavilion-style loft buildings. Brick front of the base platform, cross-hole surrounded by a brick column. Each of eaves, eaves a bell, also known as Now this cheap christian louboutin has become about the town name origins and cultural tourism sites Pavilion.

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